wall-e is... a fascist???

A friend of mine forwarded this to me today. Apparently WALL-E has pissed off some right-wingers with its environmental message (how awful!) and "fascist elements" (like EVE getting in touch with her emotions).

Good God. I'm honestly having a hard time figuring out how these people think they have a leg to stand on.

Give me strength.
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11 Response to "wall-e is... a fascist???"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    July 15, 2008 at 4:21 PM

    Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit"... minus the cheesy 80's style of course

  2. Nayana Anthony says:
    July 15, 2008 at 4:22 PM

    That seems to be the consensus.

  3. Ryan McNeil says:
    July 15, 2008 at 4:43 PM

    The American Right really does entertain me sometimes.

    I'm beginning to believe that if you take any source material and pay it enough attention with your own agenda, you'll be able to use it to back up just about any point.

  4. David Bishop says:
    July 15, 2008 at 8:46 PM

    There's lots of crazy in both camps. I hate far left and right wing politics...and I consider myself a pretty tolerant person.

  5. Farzan says:
    July 16, 2008 at 5:32 AM

    Wall-E does look like the robot from short circuit. Nice blog

  6. Nayana Anthony says:
    July 16, 2008 at 9:17 AM

    Hatter... That is so true. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have an actual conversation without bringing out the crazy all the time?

    That does go for the far left and far right, thought I admit I'm a bit left-leaning.

    Thanks, Farzan! Yours is pretty cool, too.

  7. Patricia Perry says:
    July 17, 2008 at 8:13 AM

    I haven't even seen Wall-E yet, and that sound crazy to me!

    Thanks for the "Lamb Chop" nomination!

  8. Nayana Anthony says:
    July 17, 2008 at 9:36 AM

    Anytime, sweetie. :-)

  9. Fletch says:
    July 18, 2008 at 1:27 AM

    It's like they relish the "heel" role - how could anyone be offended by a "pro-environment" message? Would they rather be seen as the destroyer of worlds?

    Wait, don't answer that.

  10. Nayana Anthony says:
    July 18, 2008 at 9:48 AM

    It is really hard for me to understand people who can't get behind the environment thing. What exactly is the downside of taking care of our planet?

  11. Fletch says:
    July 18, 2008 at 10:02 AM

    Apparently, the answer we're looking for is "admitting that the 'enemy' was right."


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