guest critic: meet bill

Hey, folks! My dear friend Dorcas Hathaway scored advance tickets to Meet Bill, the new Aaron Eckhart/Elizabeth Banks comedy (I'm trying not to be bitter). So today, you have The Center Seat's very first guest critic! I give you.... Dorcas Hathaway.

Aaron Eckhart pulls a very good performance as a middle-aged guy who has a crap job, a cheating wife, and is still living in the shadows of his brother. The ongoing joke about his gut hanging made me laugh every time.

He’s at a groundbreaking ceremony for yet another thing that his rich in-laws have donated, when he first meets The Kid (Logan Lerman). Bill is staring in the bathroom mirror of self-pity when a kid runs into the bathroom to escape the principal (and flush a dime bag). He gets roped into a mentoring program, and ends up with the same kid (or else there wouldn’t be much of a movie). Bill is trying to get out of his current BS job at the in-laws’ family bank and open a SweetSweet doughnut franchise, but his father-in-law basically controls all their assets. Then Bill catches his wife Jess (Elizabeth Banks) cheating on him with the slimy TV news guy Chip (Timothy Olyphant,) so he goes to stay with his rich brother and his brother’s life partner. Then the rest happens, which I won’t spoil.

Reed Diamond (Paul, the brothers partner) reminded me of the hilarious Stephen Guarino in Logo’s "Big Gay Sketch Show". I especially loved when Paul is whining to Sergeant (Craig Bierko) in bed that Bill was loud on a Friday night, “but it’s 10:30.” He sounds exactly like me every Friday night.

Lucy, (Jessica Alba) is a charming and funny sales girl who works at a sexy mall lingerie store. The Kid is trying to get her, though she is obviously ten-plus years older than him.
Jessica Alba is okay at comedy, but really needs to stick to action.

Logan Lerman needs to be in more movies. He is really talented and funny. I loved the glow on his face when he asked to take a vat of chocolate doughnut icing home after he stuck his finger in it. Priceless.

Speaking of price… I tend to be overly sensitive about product placement. When Bill receives a package of SweetSweet doughnuts from DHL, not a crumb out of place, it makes me wonder how much it cost them to put that little box in there. For that matter, how much does Starbucks pay for Mary Louise Parker to hold a Frappucino in every shot of "Weeds"?
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